Sugartown Cabaret

by Sugartown Cabaret

TV Set
The Spell


releases March 1, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Five-Inch Studio by Antoine Quoniam, July 2015.
Drawings & Layout by Mederic Jeanne



all rights reserved


Sugartown Cabaret Caen, France

Emotional Punk-Hardcore band since 2004. Based in Caen, France.

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Track Name: The Pen
The game has begun
He's determined to make me loose
Most of his pawns are in position
Today it's a matter of makin' a choice
To give up
Or give up
Or give up
Or win
I’ve got to stifle him, suffocate him
All my knights are done
My rook is in danger
But nothing is lost
I don't have to defeat him
The challenge is to subdue him
He should write again
All kids rebel, when they are ten
His bishop is mine
His defence is smashed
I’m beginnin' to trap him
I'm gonna poison his queen
Look at his king
And I approach, mean as Hell
And then,
Draw ! Draw !
You wrote for me once again
None of us can win !
Track Name: Hung
The idea of a bay
Swiped the stake
I didn't speak, I barked
I stole some door handles
Him, he could drink every river
He would start a flight again
When I listened to the night
Two lorries lost in the jungle
Two moving lighthouses
The target and the team
We had both
The friends met each other
We were our own airport
I was the wasp around the bull
Who's lookin' for someone to fool
We learn the hold,
Discover the men
And the blasted princesses
The rubber time is howling' me :
"What do you want ?"
Faced with his volume
And the entire fish
With the contemplated austerity
And his shit obsession
He put away his black jacket
Found the runway
To cook with his family
I would bite but I didn't run
When he was wise as rum
He still doesn't know if he's the man who planned the tomb